Video Production & Editing – Audio & Lights

Join CMTV14 in studio for our Video Production and Editing series.  This session will focus on audio and lighting.  Tonight we’ll be discussing:

  • Using audio and lighting basics
  • 3-point lighting
  • Applying audio devices
  • Setting up a live stage
  • Lighting a scene

This class is $20 and pre-registration is requested but not required.  Payments can be made on our website via PayPal or at the class with a check or credit card.


Contact Darrien at CMTV14 for more information: 509-703-7102 or

EWU Chicano Studies Short Films Presentation

Please join us on Thursday, December 7 in our CMTV14 studios for a special screening of short films created by students of EWU’s Chicano Studies program.

These EWU students have worked on creating footage, and turning their research into film! Learn about the themes used for their for their work this quarter as well as more information on the Chicano Studies program.  Friends and family members of students are encouraged to attend.

This special evening is being hosted by ALTlens, CMTV14 and the EWU Chicano Studies Program.



The Recovery Cafe Model

In 2015, Community-Minded Enterprises launched Access to Recovery (ATR) providing free and low cost assistance to men and women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction in Spokane.

In 2017, Recovery Café Spokane opened its doors in Peaceful Valley, offering people in recovery a place to drop in and get support  – whether that is a meal, a friendly ear to listen to, job training or a life enriching class.

Statistics taken from the Life in Recovery Survey, conducted by Alexandre Laudet, P.h.D. in collaboration with Faces & Voices of Recovery.

Air your video on CMTV14 – FREE

Go Beyond Facebook and YouTube

Air your video on Community-Minded Television FREE!

Since 2008, Community-Minded Television (CMTV14) has been a place where local video storytellers could share their work, their passion, their point of view. We are dedicated to providing cable access to the people of Spokane.

Right now, we’re accepting video submissions. And we need you! We’re looking for videos that:

  • Entertain
  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Uplift

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit a video?  Anyone. You will need to fill out a little paperwork.

What kind of videos are you looking for? Here are some examples, but don’t be limited by this list.

  • Documentary 
  • Historical footage or interviews
  • Original movie or music video
  • Sporting event or concert
  • Public event
  • Lecture
  • How-to video
  • Personal or family stories

 Any restrictions? We cannot accept video with a call to action, profanity or nudity.

What format? We accept videos as MOV files or on DVD.

How long? CMTV14 will accept any length of video. We prefer, 30 second videos, 30 and 60 minute videos.

What is the reach of CMTV14?  CMTV14 can be seen on Comcast channel 14 with a reach of more than 107,000 households in the greater Spokane-area.

How long will this offer last? Normally CMTV14 charges a fee to submit a video for broadcast but we are waiving the fee until the end of 2017.

Get started.

Contact Ben Cabildo at (509) 960-7458 or