The Recovery Cafe Model

In 2015, Community-Minded Enterprises launched Access to Recovery (ATR) providing free and low cost assistance to men and women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction in Spokane.

In 2017, Recovery Café Spokane opened its doors in Peaceful Valley, offering people in recovery a place to drop in and get support  – whether that is a meal, a friendly ear to listen to, job training or a life enriching class.

Statistics taken from the Life in Recovery Survey, conducted by Alexandre Laudet, P.h.D. in collaboration with Faces & Voices of Recovery.

CME once again honored with the “When Work Works” award


June 13, 2017                                           

Traci Logan-Demus

Community-Minded Enterprises

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For the 5th Consecutive Year Community-Minded Enterprises is Recognized for Innovative and Effective Workplace Practices

Spokane, Wash.  — Community-Minded Enterprises (CME) has once again been honored with the “When Work Works” award for exemplary workplace practices by the Society for Human Resource Management.

The award recognizes employers that offer flexible scheduling and transition to parenthood programs as well as opportunities for learning, a culture of respect and trust, and job autonomy.

Community-Minded Enterprises was singled out for its workforce flexibility with 2/3 of its staff regularly working in the field. CME also scored high for its benefits package and employee satisfaction.

“We are thrilled to receive this award for the fifth time,” said Executive Director Kathy Thamm. “We are committed to providing a work environment that supports our staff personally and professionally.”

In applying for the award, Community-Minded Enterprises was evaluated on factors associated with employee health, well-being and engagement: opportunities for learning; a culture of trust; work-life fit; supervisor support for work success; autonomy; and satisfaction with earnings, benefits and opportunities for advancement.

When Work Works is a national initiative led by the Society for Human Resource Management. To learn more go to

Community-Minded Enterprises is a Spokane based non-profit with 54 employees. CME has four offices in Spokane and one in Pasco. Programs include:

  • Community-Minded Television (CMTV14) providing low cost video production and free program submissions
  • Early Achievers helping early learning teachers improve classroom quality
  • Access to Recovery (ATR) assisting people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction
  • Plan to Work helping people receiving social security benefits get a job
  • Community Living Connections offering free information to the elderly and people with disabilities

For more on CME’s programs go to

Free Bras and Bra Fittings Offered at Recovery Café Spokane

Spokane’s Recovery Café didn’t look like itself when “Breast Intentions” borrowed the space for a bra fitting session for women in need.

Usually, the Recovery Café is a place to visit with a recovery coach, connect with services or just have a cup of coffee and spend a moment to recharge.

But on the evening of April 20 it looked more like the women’s undergarment section of a department store: it was overflowing with racks of bras.

Spokane-based Breast Intentions provides women in need with a bra that fits, and the nonprofit and its volunteers teamed up with the Recovery Café to host an event for the evening.

About 60 percent of all women wear the wrong size bra, and women in recovery often have limited resources to be professionally fitted and purchase an expensive piece of underwear that’s essential to their well-being.

Breast Intentions believe that “with a properly fitted bra, women see themselves in a different light – more self-assured and empowered.”

That was very obvious that evening, said Michelle Walsh who volunteered to help attendees who were first measured and then fit with into bras.

Walsh said the women she helped were “surprised that they found a bra that fit” and also “grateful and thankful.”

This is the first time the Recovery Café has hosted a bra fitting and the café was packed. A total of 34 women were there and each left with at least two new bras, plus an intimates bag to put them in for washing.

The event would not have been possible without volunteers from Kohl’s Department Store who donated their personal time to help. “We are so grateful for the support of Kohl’s,” said Georgia Butler, Director of Recovery Café Spokane.

This was the first time Walsh, one of the Kohl’s volunteers, visited the café. Walsh said the event was “marvelous.” “We need to do more of these in Spokane,” Walsh said.


The bra event is just one of the many ways Recovery Café Spokane supports people in recovery. The café is located in Peaceful Valley, at 214 North Cedar Street, Spokane.  The Recovery Café is a program of Community-Minded Enterprises.

 A special thanks to Breast Intentions and the following volunteers from Kohls

  • Kim Mackin
  • Mary Mosher
  • Angela Bell
  • Amanda Barnhart
  • Michelle Walsh