CME works with community partners to relaunch Recovering Smiles

Community Minded Enterprises (CME), EWU Department of Dental Hygiene, and CHAS are partnering to relaunch the Recovering Smiles program. Recovering Smiles connects clients in recovery to oral health services. CME will aid in identifying potential clients and giving...
Access to care 2023 grant recipient - Community Minded Enterprises

2023 HSSA Grant Announcement

Community-Minded Enterprises is excited to have been named as a 2023 recipient of an Access to Care grant from Spokane County Health Sciences and Services Authority.

podcast studio

CME Program CMTV Announces New Partnership with Northeast Youth and Family Services

With technical and equipment assistance from CME and CMTV, NEYFS is launching the Spokane Art & Tech Institute (SATI) SATI is a center for children and youth to learn creative technology and media program in a fun, professional, and accessible environment.