Registration Instructions for Recovery Community Services Trainings

  • Registration is completed via our website
  • Click on the CALENDAR link on the top of the page
  • The current month’s schedule is displayed. If you are looking for a training in an upcoming month, use the Forward >> tab located on the top right of the calendar.
  • Locate your desired training. All Recovery Community Services classes and training will be highlighted in bright blue.
  • Click on the title to open the full class or training event page
  • To register, scroll past the class description, venue details and map.
  • Under the TICKETS heading: enter the desired number of tickets you would like to reserve.
  • Enter attendee information for each ticket. If registering for multiple attendees, you must enter information (name and phone number) for each individual person registering.
  • Once you have entered all necessary information, click the green ADD TO CART button on the bottom left side.
  • This will take you to your CART where you will complete registration.
  • Click the purple PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button on the bottom right side under registration details.
  • This brings up a checkout page with BILLING DETAILS. (Do not worry, all Recovery Coach trainings are FREE and you will not be charged, no payment information will be collected.)
  • Complete the required information for BILLING DETAILS. (If you are registering for multiple people, this info is only needed for the person completing the transaction.)
  • There will be a transaction summery at the bottom of the page showing the total number of spaces reserved for training. The total of your transaction should read $0.00.
  • Click on the purple PLACE ORDER button on the bottom right, under the transaction details.
  • Your order should be complete. You will see a page with ORDER RECEIVED and an order number.  You will also receive a confirmation email with this information.  If you have registered for multiple people, only the person completing the registration will receive this email.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email – check your spam folders. This is a common problem, and many times these emails are flagged as junk.

If you have trouble registering or if you have questions or concerns, please contact Access to Recovery at 509-960-8529 or email to