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join our board

The Board of Directors and CEO of Community-Minded Enterprises seek several qualified board members who are passionate about transforming the lives of families in the communities we serve and want to help design and guide the unified vision and mission that will drive our future work. 

CME serves over 6000 children through quality early learning coaching supporting over 400 providers. We also work with over 250 adults yearly seeking to rebuild their lives in recovery from substance use disorders and other disabilities. With an annual budget of $7 million, 70+ employees, and offices in Spokane and Pasco, we work to improve the education, health, and safety of underserved families and neighborhoods marginalized by social, economic, and cultural dis-empowerment.

CME strives to understand and meet the growing challenges to community well-being caused by historical systemic impacts of poverty, racism, trauma, addiction, and ignorance. With strategies based on ethical, relational, collaborative, and peer-based organizational values, CME seeks systems change with a willingness to be accountable for the results of our work. As a trusted partner with other organizations and institutions, CME works with our clients to develop innovative and scalable approaches to meet today’s challenges. The Board of Directors seeks to uphold and promote values of cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion both within the organization and the communities we serve.

The pressures to our collective well-being have rapidly accelerated over the course of CME’s 25-year history, capped by the dramatic social, economic, and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the process of hiring a new CEO, the CME Board and Executive Team have have clarified the need to reexamine the organization’s values and purpose. 

Empowering the vulnerable and disadvantaged people we serve requires a comprehensive approach to ensure we deliver positive and measurable results to address the multiple interconnected crises they face. 

If you feel passionate about community-based service, please consider this extraordinary opportunity for participatory board governance. Our ideal board director will have diverse experiences, skills, gifts, and perspectives and be willing to engage and collaborate in framing a collectively crafted mission and vision. The time and energy you give will carry the following minimum expectations:

  • Preparation and participation in an upcoming visioning and planning session with CME staff and key stakeholders.
  • Attendance of at least 8 of 10 monthly board meetings this year with occasional ad hoc committee responsibilities.
  • Community networking and public advocacy toward communicating and building power for the mission

You will enjoy the following benefits from your board service:

  • Meet new people
  • Network with community leaders and public officials
  • Create social change
  • Advocate for innovative ideas and priorities – participate in public policy-making.
  • Learn and communicate the needs and issues of diverse communities
  • Apply your skill set in service to others

Are you interested in joining the Community-Minded Enterprises Board of Directors?

Please download and complete a short application HERE, and send to


For additional information on the Community-Minded Enterprises Board of Directors, contact:

Ian Cunningham, Board Chair