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We are so glad you found us. 

We are based in Spokane, where we carry out our mission to empower communities to improve long term well-being through outreach, access and training. 

We focus on connecting you with the services you need, and making sure your voice is heard by program providers on a regional and state level. 

We lead statewide outreach to low-income, multi-ethnic and marginalized communities, through partnerships and direct communication. We work with individuals like yourself in a variety of innovative programs, to help you overcome barriers that stand between you and your ability to reach your full potential.

And we give the community a voice through digital media at Community-Minded Television (CMTV14). 


Welcome to our calendar. We provide community resources in a lot of different areas – like child care, recovery and community access television. This is where you can find the class schedules, meeting times and updates about programs that you need. 

Tell us what you are looking for – type a word in the “search” field and we will find some options for you. 

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At Community-Minded Enterprises we do our very best to match programs to the needs of the people of the greater Spokane-area. 

That means we have a lot of different programs – some run all the time, some run for a shorter period of time. 

Here are some of the things we do: 

  • We help people in recovery from addiction and gain access to the job market. 
  • We help parents searching for child care, and child care providers who want to expand programs and education for the children they care for. 
  • We help people who live with disabilities and physical limitations get practical and emotional support and help. 
  • We give people a voice through Community-Minded Television (CMTV14).

We hope you will take a few moments and explore our website – we may just have something that can help you.

Our Services


Are you tired of searching for TV shows that are relevant to you? Tired of channel surfing looking for programming that you can relate to? Have you ever thought you could do a much better job than the commercial stations?

Well – here’s your chance. CMTV14 is your TV station – we have a brand new studio, lights, cameras, microphones and people to show you how to use it all – so come on over and let’s make some TV!

CMTV14 was founded in 2007 and as a nonprofit TV station. You can find our programs on Comcast channel 14 and we reach more than 107,000 households in the greater Spokane-area.  Find our current program schedule HERE.

What we offer:

Submit an already recorded show or public service announcement for broadcast; any person, nonprofit, government agency or religious organization may submit a program.

Classes are available in our downtown studio space.  Whether you are a beginner or more advanced our instructors can help you create a high quality video production.

Check out equipment or reserve the studio. After completing a class or meeting with a CMTV14 staff member, you can reserve studio time or check out equipment.

Hire CMTV14 if your organization or business is contemplating making a video. We are staffed by industry professionals who know what they are doing and use the latest gear and techniques to make your video stand out. We produce PSAs, short video profiles and video business cards, or a vignette to go with your newest social media campaign – give us a call, our rates are extremely competitive. 


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Our Mission: Community-Minded Enterprises (CME) empowers communities to improve long term well-being. CME carries out this mission through outreach, access and training.