Welcome to Community-Minded Enterprises – we are so glad you found us.

Community-Minded Enterprises transforms communities in Washington State while advancing diversity and inclusion of marginalized populations so that all people have an opportunity for equitable health, education, and safety.

We focus on connecting you with the services you need, and making sure your voice is heard by program providers on a regional and state level.

We lead statewide outreach to low-income, multi-ethnic and marginalized communities, through partnerships and direct communication. We work with individuals in a variety of innovative programs, to help you overcome barriers that stand between you and your goal of reaching your full potential.

And we give the community a voice through digital media at Community-Minded Television.


At our core, we are a community-focused organization and we value family life and flexibility. These values are at the foundation of our outreach efforts and the work environment we provide for our dedicated staff.

  • Our programs and initiatives are inclusive, equitable and culturally relevant.
  • We believe in opportunity and in equal access to programs that will help you grow.
  • We are professional, open-minded and respectful – your life experience matters to us.
  • We follow through on our commitments and the results of our work can be measured and documented.
  • We recognize the value of strong partnerships and often work together with other organizations to reach a mutual goal.
To learn more about our work, view CME’s 2019 Annual Report