Serving Others through Self Care

Core Competences: Leadership and Professional Development Level 2 Trainer: Brandy Greenhalgh STARS Hours: 1.5 Description: Too often we are consumed with the service we provide for others, leaving nothing for ourselves. Join us to find out ways to ensure that your service to others starts with your own self-care. Due to the current circumstances, this […]

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Evaluación Auténtica

Aptitudes principales: Observación y evaluación del niño nivel 1-3 Entrenedor: Yadira Escoto Horas de STARS: 2 Descripción: ¿Cómo satisface las necesidades de todos los niños? ¿Cómo sabe siquiera lo que necesitan? La evaluación auténtica es una parte esencial para individualizar la instrucción y ayudar a los niños a crecer en su aprendizaje. Exploraremos qué es […]

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Creating an Anti-Bias Learning Environment

Core Competences: Curriculum and Learning Environments Level 3 Trainer: Jamie Burns STARS Hours: 2 Description: When children see themselves reflected in the classroom materials and displays, this promotes feeling safe and secure in their identity and pride in their families. Join us in understanding what ant-bias means, why having an anti-bias learning environment is important, […]

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Implementing Emergent Curriculum (2-day)

Dates: November 16, 23 (You must attend both days to earn STARS hours) Core Competences: Child Growth and Development, Curriculum and Learning Environment, Ongoing Measurement of Child Progress Level 2-4 Trainer: Robyn Cook, Brandy Greenhalgh STARS Hours: 4 Description: During this two-day training, directors, teachers, and family child care will learn the history and basics […]

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Strong Families= Safe and Ready Kids

Core Competences: Family and Community Partnerships Level 2 Trainer: Jamie Burns STARS Hours: 2 Description: This training will introduce you to the Strengthening Families approach and the Protective Factors Framework. These will increase your capacity to support families during normal operations and challenging times to ensure the children you serve have the best start in […]

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Understanding the Roots of Behavior

Core Competences: Child Growth and Development, Interactions Level 3 Trainer: Lupita Curiel Description: Challenging behaviors are often the result of unmet needs. Hear about five causes of challenging behavior and then learn about the ten important social and emotional needs of children and what you can do to meet those needs. When needs are met […]

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Building Resiliency

Core Competences: Families and Community Partnerships, Interactions, Level 2 Trainer: Brandy Greenhalgh Description: Learn about the importance if resiliency, how to build it, and make a plan of action to build your own resiliency on a daily basis. You will leave this training with a better idea of what resiliency is and with clear ideas […]

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