Foundational Community Supports

Foundational Community Supports

Living with a mental illness or a disability can make it hard to find a job or a place to live.

Our Foundational Community Supports (FCS) team is here to help.

FCS starts with your housing and employment coordinator. They’ll get to know you and your care team — doctors, counselors, caretakers, and family. With your provider, you’ll set goals and determine what services you need to meet them.

Am I Eligible?

The FCS program is for people with Apple Health (Medicaid) with behavioral or physical health issues. Your doctor, other provider, or your health plan may refer you to the program. If you think you qualify for services, talk with your provider or give us a call: Spokane-509-496-2238 / Pasco 509-919-2791

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A FCS specialist can help you

  • Look for the right job
  • Get ready for the interview
  • Succeed in your job by teaching helpful routines and working with your boss to ensure you get the aids and supports you need


A FCS specialist can help you

  • Find housing that meets your needs, including cost, location and setting
  • Understand how to sign a lease and work with a landlord
  • Learn skills for living on your own

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Contact Us

SPOKANE / 509-960-8529

PASCO / 509-919-2791
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