Art for Discovery

Do you ever feel like your art time is not what you want it to be? Do you or the children end up getting frustrated with projects? Or are you just out of fresh ideas? This training is designed to help early learning professionals better understand why art is important, identify what type of art is developmentally appropriate for children, and discuss great ways to implement and display children’s art in the child care environment. Teachers will leave with ideas for art projects that provide children with fun opportunities for discovery and learning.

You will earn 2 STARS hours.

Rating Readiness Professional Development Series: Using the FCCERS/ITERS

This class is suitable for all licensed family home providers and child care center classroom teachers of children birth to 2 1/2 years.  This class contains basic introductory information about the Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale (FCCERS) and the Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS).  To prepare for an Early Achievers successful initial rating this session is critical, since it covers how scoring works, the important requirements around accessibility an schedule, and the not-so-obvious pitfalls that teachers want to avoid.

Rating Readiness Professional Development Series: Introduction to Quality Interactions

This class contains basic introductory information about quality teacher-child interactions, drawing on information from the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS). This session is useful for those preparing for a successful Early Achievers initial rating since it covers how to further enhance your interactions with children and practice the skills that are the most difficult to incorporate into daily practice. This class is suitable for child care center and family child care teachers of children 15 months to 5 years.

Infant/ Early Childhood Mental Health Training and Endorsement Support (Pasco)

Project LAUNCH and the Washington Association for Infant Mental Health (WA-AIMH) are partnering to support early learning providers in growing their knowledge and skills as infant/early childhood mental health professionals.  We are offering a free series to center-based and family child care providers serving infants and toddlers ages birth-3. This training is also open to early learning professionals and families in the community. You will receive 12 STARS hours and 6 hours of in-person technical support in completing the application for the Infant Mental Health Endorsement.

Please sign up below to attend the following trainings. Lunch will be provided.

Saturday, June 15, 9am-2pm Introduction to Infant Mental Health

Saturday, July 20 9am-2pm Early Relationships

Saturday, August 17 9am-2pm Reflective Practice

Wednesday, September 11 6pm-9pm Pregnancy and Early Parenting


Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) Training and Introduction to Observing Children

Cancelled due to low enrollment.

In the morning you will learn how to conduct the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 developmental screening tools, score, share results with families, implement enhancement activities, and work through outside referrals.  You will then have an opportunity to request assistance with follow-up and implementation at your site.

Then, in the afternoon you will have the opportunity to learn techniques to write an early childhood observation and you will begin to learn how to use that observation in day-to-day planning.

The first part of the day is offered free of charge in partnership with NEWESD 101 and Blueprints for Learning. The second half of the day is at our regular rate per STARS hour. Register for the full day below.

Conscious Discipline Professional Learning Community Part 1 of 10

Cancelled due to low enrollment.


This guided video series is for early learning educators interested in the social-emotional health of children. During each session you will focus on one aspect of Conscious Discipline using a video module to spark discussion and reflection about your practice. This series will be especially valuable for teaching staff.

These trainings are designed to be taken as a series rather than as stand-alone modules. You will be able to receive your MERIT reimbursement after the first session.


April 9, 2019- Introduction to Conscious Discipline

May 14, 2019- Becoming Brain Smart

June 11, 2019- The Connected Family and the School Family

July 9, 2019- The Skill of Composure and the Power of Perception

Sept. 10, 2019- The Skill of Assertiveness and the Power of Attention

Oct. 8, 2019- The Skill of Encouragement and the Power of Unity

Nov. 12, 2019- The Skill of Choices and the Power of Free Will

Dec. 10, 2019- The Skill of Empathy and the Power of Acceptance

Jan. 24, 2020- The Skill of Positive Intent and the Power of Love

Feb. 11, 2020- The Skill of Consequences and the Power of Intention


Activities to Promote Thinking and Talking

Research shows that engaging interactions are key to a child’s development and later school success. Yet, it is sometimes difficult to be intentional about providing these experiences. Join us to learn how we can better offer engaging interactions with children to promote thinking skills. This training is focused on the best-practices for interacting with children and can support you in your Early Achievers rating. It is ideal for those who work with 2-4 year-old children in any setting. 3 STARS hours

Conscious Discipline: Building Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms

This class is sold out.

This training will dive deeper into the topics discussed last fall. You are welcome to attend and will still benefit from this training even  if you were unable to attend in September.

This training is for early learning educators and professionals interested in the social-emotional health of children. With almost half of the children in the United States suffering one or more types of trauma we need to ask ourselves, what can we do to heal our communities? In this training you will learn specific, evidence-based ways to reach the children of trauma from a Certified Master Conscious Discipline Instructor with 14 years of experience.  You will earn 6 STARS hours. Lunch will be provided. This is a special offering that is expected to sell out. Don’t miss out.

Leadership Cohort: Circle of Influence

This is Session 1 of a 6-part Leadership Cohort for center directors, owners, supervisors.

This 6 part- cohort session explores the concepts of leadership in the context of Early Childhood Education. Come learn to use your unique position to influence the decision-making policies and practices at your center. In this series you will explore techniques for managing the daily business of your center using shared decision making and participative management.

Register today, for your commitment to all six cohort sessions to receive 18 STARS hours:

When:  2/21, 3/21, 4/18, 5/16, 6/20, 7/18

Time:  12:00 – 3:00

  • Bring your own lunch for interactive training and reflection!

Cost: $80.00 includes 18 STARS hours, a book and materials Registration ends on February 8th in order to allow time to purchase materials.


Early Math and Literacy

In these classes you will learn about the foundational language and mathematical learning that takes place in early childhood. They will also give you the skills and techniques to support this learning in your early childhood program.

Each month there is an ongoing cohort to support those who are in rating readiness. This month all are welcome at attend, learn about the topic, and share their knowledge and experience. You will earn 4 STARS hours.

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