Community-Minded Enterprises Expands Family Tuition Assistance Grant

Peer Support Counseling

One of the things that sets Recovery Café Spokane (RCS) apart is that it offers peer counseling.  That means clients receive help from recovery coaches who have been there. RCS coaches are in recovery themselves, and it’s that peer-to-peer mentoring that is crucial in helping clients maintain their sobriety.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Most people who come to the café also have mental health issues. That’s why staff get an extra level of training. The café has three staff members who are Certified Peer Counselors with the Washington State Department of Mental Health.

The certification process requires 40 hour of training, plus a written and oral exam. An 80% or better score is required to pass.  In addition, Certified Peer Counselors must have “lived experience” so they can fully understand what clients are going through.

The certification is one more way the café is making sure it adheres to the highest standards. Sort of a seal of approval by the State of Washington. “It helps us better serve our members with co-occurring disorders” said Georgia Butler who runs the café.

There are many organizations that focus strictly on mental health. Recovery Café Spokane seeks to provide mental health support as part of its overall mission to serve people in recovery. A community based approach that is changing lives, one person at a time.