Community-Minded Enterprises Expands Family Tuition Assistance Grant

Combating America’s Opioid Crisis Here in Spokane 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse more than 115 people in the United States die every day after overdosing.

It is an epidemic. An epidemic Spokane’s Recovery Café (RCS) is battling, offering peer-to-peer mentoring, weekly support groups and education to those in recovery.

In the midst of this crisis, lawmakers are looking for solutions.  Representative Cathy McMorris Rodges is one of them.  She visited the Café and has been a champion of its work ever since.

In a June 26, editorial in The Spokesman-Review entitled “We’re Working to Combat America’s Opioid Crisis” the Congresswoman mentioned the Café. She said of the café and its team, “They are doing great work to create a community for people who are in recovery from opioid or other addiction.”

With the support of the community, RCS is committed to being a place of hope for those in recovery and their families.  The Café is grateful for the bipartisan support it has received since opening in February 2017.

About Us

Recovery Café Spokane is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving people in recovery. We are a program of Community-Minded Enterprises, and operate on state, federal and private funding as well as donations.  We have about 85 active members, and focus on serving people in Spokane County. Find us at 214 N Cedar Street. Learn more at