Building Resiliency

Core Competences: Families and Community Partnerships, Interactions, Level 2 Trainer: Brandy Greenhalgh Description: Learn about the importance if resiliency, how to build it, and make a plan of action to […]

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Enfoque en el Media Ambiente (en persona)

Tri Cities Office 1923 N 20th Ave, Pasco, WA

Ubicación: 1923 N 20th Ave, Pasco Aptitudes principales: plan de estudios y entorno de aprendizaje, interacciones, nivel 2-3 Entrenedor: Yadira Escoto Horas de STARS: 10 Esta formación se ofrecerá en […]

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Authentic Assessment

Core Competences: Ongoing Measure of Child Progress, Level 1-3 Trainer: Shawna Glasscock Description: How do you meet the needs of all children? How do you know what they need? Authentic […]

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Reflective Supervision

Core Competences: Program Planning and Development, Level 4 Trainer: Jasmin Schmidt Description: Today's early learning environment requires continuous quality improvement and that calls upon early childhood educators to reflect on […]

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Construyendo Resiliencia

Aptitudes principales: asociaciones familiares y comunitarias, nivel 2 Entrenedor: Lupita Curiel Horas de STARS: 2 Descripción: Conozca la importancia de la resiliencia, cómo desarrollarla y haga un plan de acción […]

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Healthy Habits, Healthy Kids

Core Competences: Health, Safety, and Nutrition, Level 2 Trainer: Jamie Burns, Robyn Cook Description: When children are exposed to healthy food choices, they are more likely to develop healthy eating […]

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Best Practices: Math and Science (In-Person, Spokane)

Resource Center For Early Learning Professionals 3307 E. 55th Ave., Spokane, WA

Location: 3307 E 55th Ave, Spokane Core Competences: Curriculum and Learning Environments, Level 2-3 Trainer: Jamie Burns STARS Hours: 2.5 Description: Participants will explore what the research says about early […]

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Universal Development Screening- ASQ-3, ASQ:SE-2

Dates: March 8, March 10 (you must attend both evenings) Core Competences: Child Growth and Development, Ongoing Measures of Child Progress, Level 2 Trainer: Shawna Glasscock Description: In this training, […]

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